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The Garland Family

Way back when, in the days of braces and greasy-haired pony tails, I met Christina. I was freshly out of 8th grade moving into 9th and had just moved to Richmond with my family. Christina was the Sunday school teacher everyone wishes they had. Her kind spirit and inviting smile drew me in. I don't remember exactly what we studied every Sunday, I just remember feeling cared for and loved. Years have passed and things have certainly changed but Christina is still one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people I know. When she asked me to take photos of her new baby Evelyn, I was more than thrilled. We hadn't seen each other in a while so it was such a blessing to see her and her husband again along with the kiddos.

I spent some time with Evelyn first.

Gah! So adorable!

Somehow, this little darling has red hair which neither of her parents or grandparents have! I'm a little jealous :)

Here is big brother, Ezra! Future model? Maybe when the teeth come in!

Silly faces!

As we moved outside, Evelyn had an outfit change. So glamorous!

Mommy and Baby!

I can't even!

Evelyn was just a little distracted by the neighbor's daughter or a stuffed animal or her hands, but...

She did such a great job! Look at this beautiful family!

Modeling is hard work!

My last shot, Ezra is such a natural. Watch out ladies!

What a fun day! I had such a great time spending time with this wonderful family and seeing Christina again. Life is such a blessing!


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