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Laurie Maternity

I know no one has escaped the whirlwind that has been this year. It is as if the course of ten years has been jumbled into one. No one has escaped the impact of what’s happening, even as we are on the other side of the ocean. Even so, amidst the tension and sorrow, there is joy!

As this chapter of our time here in Germany closes, I had the opportunity to document Laurie’s pregnancy. We officially met at Oktoberfest which is always a hoot. But we had a great time talking about life and these new changes as we drove to Burg Lichtenburg. She is such a strong, brave woman. Not only does she serve in the military, she is also a German Shepherd mom!

I’m totally in love with these! The weather actually cooperated and the skies were clear. I must say, one of my favorite things about photographing in Germany is the sunlight! The days are so long, the sun doesn’t set until 10:30 or 11 PM. The lighting is gorgeous at sunset here! The castles aren’t half bad either!

I love seeing the excitement in new moms. Sure, it can be a scary journey, but so rewarding! I am so excited for Laurie as she embarks on this wonderful journey with her new baby boy!

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