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About Susan

My grandfather was a photographer, my dad is a hobbyist,

I am an artist. From a young age, these came together to stir a passion.

Through my passion for art and creativity, I produce lasting impressions for your legacy. You will have a memory to pass on for generations. The look of love you share with your partner, the laughs and giggles that are spread among your kids, holding the baby close as she softy cries only to fall back asleep—all these instances are precious and should be captured by one who sees them. I see the interactions of your family and loved ones to create meaningful images that represent you. These are the occasions you are most fond of and the moments that should be remembered for all time.


I believe that photography as an art form is often overlooked in a world full of camera phones and busy schedules. We often take advantage of these still images.


I believe that a photograph is not just a picture but a story and every story is priceless. I create relationships with my clients because I value them. I create a safe space for you so that you can be who you are whether that is to smile, laugh, to scowl. Whatever the mood, whatever the scene, I will make it something beautiful.

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virginia professional photographer
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Fun Facts

I have an obsession with blankets and seem to unintenionally collect them.

Follow me on Instagram @mclaren_studio_

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