Chipotle or Moe's?

I was introduced to Chipotle first when I moved back to the States and actually didn't like it. I didn't understand the giant, t00-big-for-your-mouth burrito mentality. However, thanks to a dear friend who suggested the tacos instead, my life was changed forever. Then, a few years later in college, there was a girl on my hall who LOVED Moe's and would go there every Monday. This was my first introduction to Moe's and I actually started to like it as well. In my mind, the two cannot really be compared because, although they serve similar food in a similar style, the taste is very different. But people usually prefer one over the other (with quite a lot of passion, I might add).

So, I decided to write a post about this debate because it's an extremely important question OBVIOUSLY. Here's a brief layout:

Chipotle Pro:

1. Um, amazingly delicious?! Give me some of those carnitas!

2. Tex-Mex-ish, it's basically like you're at a taco stand (Okay, not really, but one can dream).

3. Online ordering is the best- get in and out in a jif and still enjoy your weight in food in your location of choice! Picnic anyone?

Con: It can get pretty loud in there becuase they're too cool for ceilings. I've heard complaints about too much cilantro too- pah!

Moe's Pro:

1. Um, amazingly delicious?! Give me some of those quesadillas!

2. Chips come with your meal. Who doesn't love that!?

3. Oh! The guacamole!!

Con: If you're concerned about health, the ooey gooey delicoiusness may not be the best option.

And there you have it! But the real question comes down to which is YOUR favorite?