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Welcome to SMP! An Introduction

First blog post on the website!! Yes, indeed... Now what?

First! Thank you for visiting my page!

I have been a freelance photographer for the past five years. In the past year, I have worked towards building my brand and making SMP more unique. It's a work in progress but I have loved every second of it and am even more excited for things to come!

I love nature, especially trees-- the way they hold the ground down and stretch their arms to the sky, waiving in the breeze. I grew up in the jungle (yep, the African jungle) and I drew trees on everything as a child but mostly homework or class notes... Visions of those trees and the sounds of their leaves rustling in the wind remain in my mind to this day.

I don't know the places this blog will go. I have some ideas on what to share besides just the latest photoshoot. One goal is to start the conversation. You're not just a client or viewer or reader, you're a friend. We can learn and grow from each other. Let's get acquainted.


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