Barber Family

When the Barber family came, I had the usual spread of chocolates and snacks on the coffee table (much to their delight). There are many things I love about the studio but one of the biggest is that we are not constrained to certain times of the day based on the sun. This flexibility has truly been a blessing for me and for my clients! And, the families can come, sit back and relax! This is a welcome aspect to parents with newborns. They don't have to do anything!

I love what I do. Like, really! I meet some of the most amazing, heart-warming people. Little do they know, they keep me going! I had such a fun time with the Barber family. They are so sweet and generous. And their little one is just. adorable. She did so well despite being wide awake, she didn't cry at all! She loved the camera too. A model in the making, I'd say!

When you can see the love between parent-to-parent-to-newborn, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. And one of the purest things I've witnessed in my life so far. Show me something more wonderful, I dare you.


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