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Closing Out Strong

My final session at the studio was bitter-sweet. My parents came to Lynchburg for a visit one last time at the homestead and I wanted to use this chance to close out the studio with some class. I decided this was a great opportunity to have one last "hurrah" with them there so we had an impromptu session before packing the last few boxes.

Mom and Dad have shown me what a godly commitment looks like and I am so honored to have them as my parents. They have always been supportive and encouraging. They are wise when they need to be but always very, very silly. Times with the family are full of laughter and good conversation. I always look forward to it.

My parents have been married over 40 years and moved to Arizona a couple of years ago. For their wedding anniversary, they bought Navajo rings to celebrate their 40th. They have made it a tradition to buy new rings every so often to commemorate the milestones.

I miss these moments but there is so much more to come. I will be posting photos from my journeys abroad very soon!


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