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Farewell, Lynchburg

I came to Lynchburg as a young naive college kid just looking to get my degree and move on. Little did I know what wonderful friends I would make, connections I would have, delicious food I would eat and the adventures to come. I've experienced many ups and downs over the years but it has been a good place to grow up. I bought my first car, owned and managed two businesses working long days and weekends and made lasting friendships in the process.

Lynchburg was a safe place for me to grow as a human and as a photographer. I'm so grateful to those that were patient while I learned and those that encouraged me to continue. I was a wee thing with a dream but no idea how to get there. Opening the studio was a wonderful experience and I loved ever moment of it. I learned more about the business and honing my craft-- experiences I would never trade. But as a chapter closes, we move on to the next and this is a big one!

A few months ago, opportunities were presented that I could not refuse and so I have closed the studio, packed my bags, said my goodbyes and am off to spend the next few months as a nomad traveling Europe and the USA. Moving always comes with excitement and sadness. I am excited for this next adventure but sad to leave the last one behind. I have so many great memories here.

I'll be on the move, so follow me the blog and Instagram/Facebook for updates on my travels and current cities. I will take special requests if we are in the same area and will offer promotions upon my return to the USA. Maybe I'll see you!


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