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But what do I wear?!

You’re staring into the closet for the perfect outfit while carefully color-coated piles of clothes are scattered about the room behind you. You pull another dress out weighing it in your hands as you squint trying to match dress with shoes with jewelry with significant other. In frustration, you throw the dress on the bed and storm downstairs to the kitchen to grab some more chocolate.

I feel your frustration. But I’m here to help!

Here are some general guidelines to follow when choosing an outfit for our sessions:



-Wear sleeves/long sleeves

-Choose neutral, solid colors with darker colors at the bottom.

-If you are photographing with your family or significant other, keep the tone of your outfits similar. For instance, if one person wears warm

colors, everyone else in the photo should wear warm colors.

-Buying a new outfit gives photos a clean finished look and ensures the clothing does not look outdated or faded.

AVOID: "Matchy" outfits, patterns, clothes with logos or wording, white clothing, sleeveless, low cut shirts, tight clothing or clothing that is too high



- Wear comfortable, dressy shoes that you can walk in

AVOID: flip flops, sandals, open-toe shoes



- Wear light, natural looking makeup

- Nail color should be solid, neutral colors or buff

- Get a haircut/shave

As always, if my clients ever have questions on what they should wear, I am happy to help!

For some helpful information on color coordination and dressing to fit your shape, here are some links!


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