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Why I do what I do

Knowing why you do something is important when choosing a life path because this determines how you approach it. No one wants a doctor to operate on them if he/she chose the career field because his/her parents told them to. Not only would that doctor have no passion, he would have no drive to keep learning and improving his craft.

I come from a line of photographers. My grandfather used film to capture landscapes (the camera he used is in the photo below, in the back). My dad gained an interest from him and taught me about camera bodies and technical knowledge. From there, I couldn't stop taking photos and learning techniques and furthering my knowledge of the technical. The more I study photography, the more I love it.

Most importantly, I love the people I meet! Seriously, my clients are the best. Each of you moves me in a different way and I'm so happy for those I have served and those I will serve! I always want to give you my best in images, talent, creativity, and customer service. Exciting things are coming for SMP. I can't wait to share them with you in 2017!


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