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I've spent the last several months working a full time job and working photo shoots on the weekends. In between, there's growing my business and everything that entails- networking, marketing, editing, financial planning. With that, I'm studying to become a Certified Professional Photographer which includes reading giant textbooks and triple shots of espresso.

I feel like I've been going and going and then, Sunday, I crashed. I had no energy and no motivation- the two things I loath especially when I constantly have five on-going lists forming in my head simultaneously. I just laid in bed staring at my ceiling for an hour. Sure, most people would find that strange but it helps, promise!

When we keep pushing ourselves with "to do" lists, we need to make time to just quit for a while and process. For me, I needed to not be productive for a day and so I did.

Rest helps the mind find what it lost in the busyness. Stress constricts our creativity and busyness can destroy it. I want to offer my clients the best I have, so sometimes a day of rest and thankfulness does the mind good.

As the midweek blues pass, take time to plan nothing for your weekend. Enjoy life and pause to relax and rest.


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