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Alright, ya'll. I have a love for Texas and it's not because my family is from there. Hot summer nights and so many tacos and BBQ to make your heart ache from the cholesterol. Say what you will about their politics, the food is good and things really are bigger in Texas.

This trip, I was at Texas School of Professional Photography and on my way back to VA, I popped in to visit some family. It's always a blast hanging with my sister and her husband. Hanging out with them always feels like an adventure even if we're just walking in the park.

They recently rescued a puppy from the humane society. She's SO soft and sweet.

She is also terrified of everything, including my camera. She started out at a nice distance.

Then, she attempted to investigate...

To which I pretended to be doing something else...

And then! I got a good one before she ran away again...

It's okay, Lola. We'll get there! We're working on trust exercises.

You can tell we're sisters, we mimic each other!


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