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Tissues Required

I'm sure you'll be fine, it is really I that need the tissues. In a month, my best friend of more than 10 years will be getting married. From the days of pony tails, awkward social scenes and fashion faux pas, who would've guessed we'd be where we are today? With people we care about, there's always that twinge of selfishness knowing that we have to share the ones we love. I never liked sharing but I suppose being taught to share my crayons and bicycle time as a kid will guide me through her wedding day. I usually hold it together pretty well but come June 11th, I will have tissues and waterproof mascara.

I'm so happy for you, dear friend. I wish you and Joe the happiest of days together. You both are beautiful inside and out. The tears I shed are of joy, I promise! If you're happy, I'm happy :)


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