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"Celebrate her in all her imperfectness"

A story is circulating online regarding a husband who wrote a boudoir photographer about the photos she took of his wife. He received the album from his wife for Christmas one year. He writes, "When I opened the album that she gave to me, my heart sank." As I read this article, I got goose bumps and kept thinking, "Yes, yes, yes!" What a beautiful love story! If you haven’t read it already, you can read his letter here.

Young love and early relationships are exciting in their own right, but they are still immature and there is still so much to be learned. The passions so often turn sour as couples become more accustomed to each other and fight more often. But! Being married with someone for so long can be beautiful as you grow together and share experiences together. What a great reminder this man's words are. How touching the love and admiration he still has for his wife-- as she is, not the Photoshopped version of her.

His words should be repeated to all women. You are beautiful in your imperfections. Really though, these aren't imperfections at all, these are signs of what makes you gorgeous. These lines and stretch marks are traces of your history, your laughter, your struggles and your successes.

To men, this is what women want. To be desired the way she is, not the way she was or the way she wants to be. She wants to be the only one to catch your eye and hold your attention. She is still that glowing bride who walked down the aisle. She is stunning. Celebrate her imperfections.


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