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Weekly Music-Top 10

Music! I love music, don't you? I listen to all kinds, so these playlists might get pretty random.

I will post a weekly playlist of 10 songs I've been listening to that week. Below, you will see a list of five upbeat songs and five slow songs. There are some pretty awesome artists out there! Just tell me what you like or don't like and I can adjust the lists each week. I also take suggestions!

1. "Aquaman"- Walk the Moon

2. "Happy New Year"- We Are the City

3. "Around Town"- The Kooks

4. "Major Roxy"- Rubblebucket

5. "Somebody"- Jukebox the Ghost

6. "Pieces"- Andrew Belle

7. "Candles"- Daughter

8. "Songs and Daughters"- Allman Brown, Liz Lawrence

9. "Early Spring Til"- Nathaniel Rateliff

10. "Portland, Maine"- Donovan Woods


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